Fascinating Barn House for Large Family

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Can you imagine changing your old unused barn into a barn house? It is literally a house where you can live in, and even in a large number of family members. The JLM Architecture Limited has created at least two of them, and the results are beyond what you can imagine. The Barn Conversions near Milton Keynes can be one of your dream houses after you take a look at them.

Contemporary Landscape at Barn Conversions near Milton Keynes Exterior with Green Lawn Stone Pathway and Light Gravels
Modern Landscape Garden with Green Lawn and Gravels at Barn Conversions near Milton Keynes Showing Wooden Entry Door

The barn house ideas changed the old barn into a modern house. You maybe won’t think that it is actually possible to made one. The wooden wall combined with bricks that left unpainted to get the motives of the bricks. A glass door with wooden frame is used as the entrance to the house from the backyard that has table and chairs to enjoy the meal outside on sunny days and also a small playground for your children. The barn is made to be a two stories house with dark brown color.

Many windows are placed with dark brown frames. There are also two small wall lamps near the main entrance that become a nice detail. For another house, the main entrance is a wooden door with glass wall around it. There is also a pavement placed as a way in to the house. Around the house is a wide grass yard. The inside of the house also uses wooden doors. If you don’t have a large family, then you can change this house into a small inn with cabin style.

The great point from this house is the wood motives left outside and also some wood that can be seen on the ceiling from inside the house. Between the grasses covered yard and the pavement is a place filled with small bright colored rocks that will also accompany you on your way in and make another great barn house exterior details.

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