Stunning Minimalist Penthouse for Busy Family

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Having a busy family makes a minimalist penthouse as their perfect choice of place to live. Using less decoration make it easier to clean the house and also use less time. Though it may be minimalist doesn’t mean that it will be a boring house. You can also use motives and different colors on each room to make your penthouse looks better, unique and also modern.

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LP design studio created a penthouse with many minimalist penthouse wall colors on each room so they can use less decoration; yet make the penthouse looks great and modern. The living room uses wood patterned flooring that combined with the use of carpets. The combinations of colors look great with red wall and sofa. There is also a small wooden shelf placed below the flat TV. A plain brown carpet is placed near the sofa, while a checkered carpet placed below two mini couches, near the window that has silver curtain.

The bedrooms are designed to be very simple with brown color. Both of the bedrooms use carpets and also parquet flooring. The first bedroom uses striped wallpaper behind the bed, while the other one uses wallpaper with line motives. The dining table is placed within a pocket of the house and is made from metal with red top. The chairs, available for six persons, are black colored. There is a window with striped curtains behind the dining table that matches the dining table’s color.

The kitchen uses white cabinetries and also a small white island with two white stools. The floor’s color is white and this kitchen uses red tiles as the backsplash and red colored paint. This penthouse uses unique-shaped lamps and also some empty vases that can be considered as the decorations. The most unique part of the house is the zigzag motives that are used on part of the living room’s wall and also as a painting as the minimalist penthouse decorations that give color and motives to the house.

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