Roman Shade Kit – DIY, Simple Steps to Create

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When you have decided on making use of shades in your house, then you might consider using Roman shades. The shades are a necessity for all homes.

Whether you are living in a separate house or an apartment, you will have to make use of shades. The main use of shades is providing privacy for you, which is something that you need.

Roman Shade Kit
When others can see what is going on inside your house, then your privacy is compromised. You should make sure that doesn’t happen.

Shades also provide some relief from the sunlight and in the winter season, they retain the heat that is present in the room. The energy bills of your house remain less because of shades.

The good thing about Roman shades is that they improve the looks of your home and are durable. They need not be replaced for many years.

But, the Roman shades are expensive, which is why you might consider using a Roman shade kit.

Making Roman shades is difficult. It takes some hard work and you will need to know how you can create Roman shades using a Roman shade kit.

When you are doing it first time, you will want to make use a cheap material. Once you have gotten some experience in creating a Roman shade, you can use expensive materials.

You will require things like sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, lining fabric, curtain rings, eye hooks, cord, and dowel.

Briefly, let us see how you can create your own Roman shades.

Measure Windows

The Roman shades have to be made according to the size of the windows. For that you will have to measure the size of your windows.

You will want to measure the windows from all the sides and then start your work. You can take the help of someone to measure the window size. You should ensure that the window size is perfect.

Place Each Fabric Right Side Out And Lay It On Your Table

You will want to cut out the fabric according to the measurements which you have taken. The lining also needs to be created.

The sides of the fabric have to be folded 3 inches from the bottom and 1 inch from the side. An iron has to be placed on the fabric to get a line on them. You will want to make sure that the iron is hot and then place it on the fabric.

Using Simple Stitch and Sew Both Ends of the Shade

You will want to use a simple stitch and then sew the bottom and top part of the Roman shades. You should sew pockets.

The rings have to be attached carefully on the Roman shades. Once you have finished sewing the rings on the Roman curtains, you will need to add the cords of the shades.

When your one cord of Roman shades needs to be threaded on the hooks. A dowel rod has to be inserted on the pocket which has been sewed.

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